Western Jutland Arts and Crafts Faire 
Arts and Crafts Faire
On August 18th 2018 fom 10:00 to 17:00, Herborg’s community hall „Kuben“ will be filled with collectible art and craftwork from  Danish artists.
Paintings, glass art, ceramics, raku, hand made jewelry, paper crafts, knitted pieces, wooden crafts, felt art, prints and more will be presented at the faire.
Free entrance.
This year, guests will have the opportunity to vote for the artist / craftsman whose works they admire most and the winner will be announced at the end of the show.


Free entrance
  • Tango dans: Vestjyllands Tangoforening “Tango la Costa” will show how they dance tango.
  • Chainsaw artist: Experience a log become a sculpture. Chainsaw artist Jonas from Silkeborg will be in charge.
  • Teater OM: Ringkøbing-Skjern teater group will visit the exhibit.
  • Make art of recycled materials: Videbæk girl scouts will inspire children to make art with recycled materials. Participants can bring their artwork home or exhibit them on site.
  • Model train: Videbæk-Skjern veteran and modeltrain organisation will present a 9 m long miniature replica of the 98 year old rail between Skjern and Videbæk. This display will be at the Herborg Friskole building.
  • Role Play: Fantasia Junior Role Playing club will show role-play equipment, tell about role-playing games, and children will be able to touch Role Playing Weapons and equipment. They will also have the opportunity to fight against a knight, ork or a troll in the schoolyard.
After the exhibit, we will show the cinema film "the distinguished citizen" (El ciudadano ilustre) in Spanish with English subtitles.
KUBEN | Skolevej 44, Herborg, 6920 Videbæk - Danmark